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Vendable Products Trends

Learn about the variety of vending machine products and types of vending machines that can accommodate your special vending needs.

The vending machine industry serves a diverse community. Today, almost anything can be sold through a vending machine. Vencoa offers a summary of a few notable and successful vending machine products that are a part of the growing vending machine industry.

Learn about everything from the newest and quirkiest items in vending machines to the vending machine standards. Some fun favorites include toilet paper and make-up vending machines.

  • Conventional Edible Vending Machine Products
  • Non-food Vending Machine Products
  • Novelty Vending Machine Products
  • Unusual Vending Machine Products


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*Vencoa is an authorized distributor of USI vending machines and is not an authorized distributor of Selectivend products.


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