2006 Soda Vending Machine Summary

Vencoa summarizes the new soda vending machine updates from the 2006 Census of the Industry report by vending machine industry publication Vending Times. Soda machine sales continued to do well as new soda vending machine products gained market shares. Vencoa has soda vending machines for sale Soft Drink Vending Machines for your vending machine business.

Prior to World War II, the vending machine industry deployed lines of single selection refrigerated soda vending machines. These rudimentary soda vending machines led the soda machine market until the 1950s when new vending machines became available. Particularly, postmix cold cup drink soda machines helped to revolutionize the full-line soda vending machine market. These soda vending machines held fountain syrup, a water chiller, and carbon dioxide gas, and thus were limited in soda varieties. However, decentralization of work groups caused a decline in postmix soda vending machines. The soda machine bottling industry introduced disposables like cans and postmix soda vending machines were slowly replaced with packaged soda vending machines. Today, the vending machine industry is phasing out of postmix soda vending machines.

Throughout the 1970s, soda vending machine products advanced in both selectivity and versatility. Dominant national and global soda brands and a variety of specialty items took over the vending machine market which was previously an aggregate of regional and local beverages. For decades, cold beverage products meant sodas and juice, but in the past two decades, alternative beverages have gained a steady share of the soda vending machine market. The proliferation of vending machine product diversity has allowed soda vending machine operators to increase the range of vending machine prices without losing vending machine customers. Consumers are now used to paying $2 for energy drinks at stores and show no reluctance to paying the same amount at a soda vending machine.

Today’s soda vending machines have the technical capabilities to handle a variety of can and bottle sizes as well multiple prices for different soda vending machine products. Soda vending machine operators can easily stock their vending machines with the latest water, sports drinks, sodas, teas, or energy drinks. The latest technological advancement in soda vending machines is cashless payment which will allow soda vending machine operators to capture a greater consumer base. With new products and technology, the soda vending machine industry shows no signs of slowing down. This is evidenced by the total dollar volume increase of soda vending machine sales by $100,000,000.00 from 2004-2005.

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