On the Horizon: New Payment Technology for Soda Vending Machines

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The soda vending machine industry remains fairly predictable. However, new advances in soda vending machine technology may revolutionize the soda vending machine business. The expansion of cashless payment options in soda vending machines in recent years has seen rapid growth and support. Soda vending machine operators need to take advantage of an increasing cashless consumer base.

Trials of cashless payment in soda vending machines were conducted by major soda vending machine and credit card companies in New York and Atlanta. The market research has shown that installing such technology into soda vending machines will benefit both soda vending machine locations and soda vending machine operators. Thus, major credit card companies have teamed up with large soda vending machine companies to release 1,000 soda vending machines equipped with the new technology. The new soda vending machines have cashless payment options and are configured to accept conventional, magnetic-strip credit and debit cards. However, these soda vending machines will also be able to accept contactless payment. Soda vending machine patrons will tap their card or payment device against the soda vending machine terminal to make a quick purchase. This move represents the US soda vending machine market’s largest application of contactless technology in soda vending machines.

The installation of cashless payment in soda vending machines means that both credit card companies and soda vending machine operators will expand their consumer base and increase revenue. Furthermore, soda vending machine consumers will experience faster, more efficient service. With increased convenience to the soda vending machine consumer, impulse purchases from soda vending machines will increase. Soda vending machine customers will not have to hassle with change or crumpled bills to buy a product. Also, potential soda vending machine consumers, who normally would not buy an item because they do not carry small change, will now have an easy way to purchase a soda vending machine product.

With the launch of the new soda vending machines, consumers will become familiar with the idea of making soda vending machine purchases using cashless payment. The implementation of new technology is a self-perpetuating tool in the soda vending machine industry. The initial investment for the technology will be able to pay itself off due to the increased soda vending machine sales. Furthermore, as time progresses, consumers will view cashless payment at soda vending machines as commonplace. As hesitation towards the new soda vending machines decrease, and demand for the technology increases, contactless payment in soda vending machines will become the next major breakthrough in the soda vending machine industry.


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