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A recent survey disclosed that vending machine operators reported an immediate halt in vandalism and theft from vending machines once a cashless payment system was installed. Not only are machines handling and storing less cash, they now have the capability to electronically track all transactions. As a result of decreased theft and vandalism, vending operators were not only experiencing a higher volume in sales, but were also saving money on vending machine repair and/or replacement.

Additionally, a recent study showed that vending machines offering a cashless payment option generated more sales than traditional cash-only payment option vending machines. A vending operator placed two vending machines containing identical products in a location. One machine accepted only cash transactions while the other accepted only credit card transactions. The vending machine accepting credit cards generated fifteen percent more revenues than the cash-only vending machine and forty-seven percent of its transactions were multiple product purchases.

Cashless vending has also allowed vending operators to offer products not traditionally found
in vending machines since they are able to offer these products at a higher price point.
However, the benefits of cashless vending have not only been exhibited in the vending industry,
but in all retail industries.

Cashless vending options are really only cost efficient for certain vending operators: those who maintain large accounts, where a significant number of vending machines are placed in a large company, and those who have vending machines in incredibly high traffic locations. Although cashless vending options are on the rise, the technology is still quite expensive. With transaction and processing fees, there would be little to no benefit of offering this payment technology on vending machines servicing a small group of people.

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