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There are three components involved in offering cashless payment options on vending machines. They are as follows:

Front-end device
A front-end device is attached to the vending machine and serves as the customer's activation point. Common front-end devices include a card swipe reader, radio receiver, or electronic key reader.

Hardware and software
Hardware and/or software are necessary installations in the vending machine in order authorize the transaction. Common hardware and/or software installations include a modem or database link.

Back-end system
A back-end system is needed to capture pertinent data from each transaction. This system allows for the data to be transferred to any vending management software that may be linked to the vending machine.

Equipped with the three components listed above, vending machines can operate off of two different systems: an open system or a closed system.

Open system
An open system refers to a cashless payment system where a transaction can be recorded, processed, and reconciled at the time of purchase. Open systems only accept credit and debit cards. Since the transaction is completed between the card swipe reader and an outside database containing account balance information, open systems always require a connection to a communication network.

Closed system
A closed system refers to a cashless payment system where specific application software is required to process a transaction. Since all transactions are handled internally, a closed system can restrict transactions and can access account balances. A closed system typically requires a specific key card or ID card to process transactions. However, some closed systems also accept credit and debit cards, but unlike open systems, connection to a communication network only occurs once a day.

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