Coffee Vending Machines


Four systems are available for coffee vending machine operators. Buy Vencoa coffee vending machines for your vending machine business.

Single-cup brewers allow coffee vending machine operators to offer specialty and regular coffee. Although single-cup systems have been available to coffee vending operators for a long time, it has just been within recent years that the systems have improved significantly. Portion-control pack single-cup systems have increased the most in the last several years. These units are more compact that the bulk hopper system, and are easier to use and require a lower initial investment. However, using only designated portion packs also requires the coffee vending operator to rely on a sole product provider.

Manual POD Systems

Manual pod coffee systems include many of the same benefits of a portion pack system, but offer them at a lower cost and, unlike single-cup brewing systems, do not require the coffee vending machine operator to rely on a sole product provider. Since manual pod coffee systems have just recently emerged on the market, many coffee vending operators are reluctant to invest in this new system, especially at its earliest stages. However, if these manual pod systems prove to be reliable, they have the capability of providing high product quality and variety, just a few of the benefits of older single-cup systems. There are a variety of pod brewers and pod products currently on the market. One of the major benefits of investing in a manual pod coffee system is offering a wide variety of coffee products. However, coffee vending machine operators who have invested in this new pod system are unsure which systems can accommodate which pods and deliver a desirable product.

Thermal Coffee Systems

Thermal coffee systems have improved over the past year. Thermal systems offer the benefit of keeping coffee warm for a longer period of time, unlike glass pot coffee systems. Despite being able to keep coffee longer, many coffee vending machine operators are hesitant to move away from the traditional glass pot, arguing that the taste of fresh-brew coffee in a glass pot cannot be replicated by other systems. Additionally, glass pots lead to forced consumption; when the coffee gets old, the customer dumps it and brews a fresh batch.

Regardless of which system is used, coffee vending machine operators have responded to a changing client base by investing in better quality product and better quality equipment. Coffee vending operators have a wide range of products and equipment that allow them to provide high quality service to their customer. However, coffee vending operators still haven't upgraded their offerings as quickly as their retail competitors. In fact, the only way to sustain sales in the coffee vending industry is to upgrade to newer, higher quality products and systems.

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