Cold Drink Vending Trends


After a three year decline, sales of vending machine cold drinks made a 1.3 point gain recovery in 2004. Bottled cold drink sales made its biggest one-year gain since bottled cold drinks appeared on the vending machine market in the late 1990s.

What made the difference in 2004?

Bottles! Although vending machine cold drink cans remained more profitable, consumers demanded more bottled cold drinks from vending operators. Besides being more fashionable, consumers preferred vending machine drinks in bottles because they are resealable. The price of vending machine cold drink bottle sales increased by three points, but this was not enough to cover the higher costs of vending bottles versus cans. As a result, the percentage of cans versus bottles sold was a reflection of vending machine company size with smaller vending operators selling fewer bottles than cans. Cold cup beverage vending continued to decline despite its potential to be very profitable. Increased placement of vending machines also helped to expand vending machine cold drink sales.

Glassfront Cold Drink Vending Machines

They have helped to boost cold drink vending machine sales. Thousands of glassfront cold drink vending machines were placed, but the proportion of closed front vending machines remains higher than glassfront vending machines. One drawback of glassfront cold drink vending machines is the increase of labor required to maintain these vending machines. Glass front vending machines must be front loaded and they have less capacity so they must be serviced more frequently than closed front vending machines. However, glassfront vending machines significantly increase cold drink vending machine sales because they can showcase a larger selection of beverages than closed front vending machines.

Vending Machines Lag Behind Retail

Despite gains in cold drink vending machine sales vending operators could not keep up with the retail carbonated drink sector. One reason for the lag in vending machine sales is that bottles have been more prevalent in retail outlets than in vending machines. In general, carbonated beverages lost market share to noncarbonated drinks. Leading the sales of carbonated soft drinks were diet sodas. However, bottled water still leads all beverage segments with a 7.5 sales increase over 2003. Bottled water sold in vending machines was the fastest growing product overall of 2004.

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