Conventional Vending Machines

Standard vending machines include candy snack vending machines, cold or hot beverage vending machines, and fresh or frozen food vending machines. All of these vending machines are for sale at Vencoa.

Candy and Snack Vending Machines

Candy snack vending machines vend candy, gum, mints, and snacks. Many of these vending machines also provide customers with healthy vending alternatives, such as energy bars, granola bars, and meal replacement bars. Some vending machines even provide quick meal alternatives, such as cup of soup or cup of noodles products. The first candy snack vending machine dispensed gum on subway platforms in New York. Candy snack vending machines are commonly found in schools, hotels, cafeterias, businesses, and airports.

Cold Beverage Vending Machines

Cold beverage vending machines most commonly vend drinks and sodas held in cans or bottles. Cold beverage vending machines are now stocked with a variety of drinks, including sports energy drinks, bottled iced teas, and juices. There are even some cold drink vending machines that squeeze fresh fruit juice into a cup. In the 1920's, vending machines dispensed soda into cups. In certain countries, you can easily find cold beverage vending machines that vend alcoholic beverages, such as beer and sake. These vending machines have a special mechanism that only allows them to dispense products at certain hours. Cold beverage vending machines are often found next to candy snack vending machines.

Fresh Food Vending Machines

Fresh food vending machines provide customers with fast and easy meal alternatives. These vending machines offer a variety of sandwiches, salads, and microwaveable meals. In certain countries, fresh food vending machines will dispense fresh fruits and vegetables. In Japan, there are vending machines that make pizza and hot pressed sandwiches. Fresh food vending machines are popular in cafeterias, businesses, and hospitals.

Frozen Food Vending Machines

Frozen food vending machines offer both meals and desserts. The most common frozen food vending machines vend ice cream, popsicles, and other frozen sweets. However, there are frozen food vending machines that focus on providing the customer with microwaveable meals. Like fresh food vending machines, frozen food vending machines are popular in cafeterias and hospitals.

Milk Vending Machines

Milk vending machines are designed to vend milk, flavored milk, and dairy milk alternatives, such as soy milk. Many public schools are favoring milk vending machines as a healthy alternative to soda and juice vending machines. Some milk vending machines dispense milk in cartons and bottles, while other vending machines dispense the milk in cups.

Hot Beverage Vending Machines

Hot beverage vending machines most commonly vend coffees and teas. Some of these vending machines are also designed to dispense gourmet flavored coffees. There are also some hot beverage vending machines that vend soups and broths. Like some cold beverage vending machines, hot beverage vending machines will dispense products in single serve cups.


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