Fraudulent Commision Reports I


You've just lost a bid for a large new account to a competitor who offered ridiculously high commissions. Based on your calculations, it seems fairly obvious that to earn a profit at the quoted commission rate, your competitor would have to cheat. The dishonest competitor would pay the high and false commission rate, but would pay it on less than the full amount of sales. You're appalled and you're frustrated. How do you proceed against a liar and a cheat?

It only takes a morally-challenged vending machine operator to pollute the marketplace for everyone else. What can honest vending operators do? Accuse the bad apple of being a cheat in front of the client? Refuse to bid against dishonest vendors and potentially lose out on accounts? Become a dishonest vendor?

Unfortunately, the issue of dishonest vending is widespread in the vending industry. All too often, it seems as though too many vending machine operators are willing to suspend their moral judgment when they are presented with potentially profitable business. Many of these dishonest vending operators justify their actions by claiming that in an industry where cheating is an endemic, it's the only way to grow and make profits. Some vending operators who have put their moral judgment on the line just shrug their shoulders and say, "Well, if you can't beat them, join them." But, is cheating really the only way to get ahead in the vending industry? Absolutely not. Learn more about how dishonest vendors conduct business by clicking here.

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