Fresh/Frozen Foods & Deserts

The fresh food category includes refrigerated, perishable foods like sandwiches, salads, yogurt, ethnic specialties, platters, entrees, desserts, pastries, milk, and canned or bottled juices not sold through dedicated vending machines.

The 2004 total dollar volume of fresh foods sold in vending machines was $3,118,325,000 as compared to $1,830,000,000 in 1994. This continuing 10 year increase in vending machine fresh food sales reflects an increased consumer acceptance of fresh foods sold through vending machines. In 2004, there were 161,500 vending machines on location compared to 161,000 in 2003. Total unit volume of food vending machines also increased from 1,702,300,000 in 2003 to 2,300,000,000 in 2004. The produce sales shares of fresh food items sold in vending machines in 2004 were as follows:

Sandwiches & other “Finger Foods”
Dairy snacks/desserts
(includes yogurt, cottage cheese, etc)
Fresh Fruit & Vegetables
Packaged Cold Beverages
(Includes juice, milk, water not sold in drink machines)
Platters, Entrees, Soups
Packaged Fruit, Gelatin, Puddings




Frozen food vending continued to gain in popularity because frozen items have a longer shelf-life and offer more variety than fresh food items. Vending machine operators found that a mixture of frozen food and frozen snack/dessert items generate higher sales than one of the categories sold exclusively. Frozen food items allow vending machine operators to supply the demand for “platter” meals. Single-serve microwave entrees have a loyal base amongst consumers who will readily purchase these familiar products from supermarkets or vending machines. Vending machine operators may soon benefit from the frozen food industry’s awareness and response to consumer desires for balanced diet meal items.

Ice cream sold in vending machines continued to increase due to modern equipment designs that accommodate a large variety of package types. When ice cream is sold alongside frozen foods, both products will sell better than if sold separately. Vending machine operators have also found that ice cream sold in branded closed-front vending machines sells well in high volume locations. The total dollar volume of ice cream sold through vending machines in 2004 was $896,000,000 compared to $257,000,000 in 1994. In 2004, there were 122,000 vending machines on location which distributed ice cream.

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