Novelty Vending Machines

Novelty vending machines continue to grow in popularity. Learn about gumball vending machines, pet product vending machines, camera vending machines, and more. Vencoa candy snack machines can be reconfigured for your vending machine products.

Gumball Vending Machines

Gumball vending machines vend different colored and flavored gumballs. Gumball vending machines are popular with young children. Most arcades and video stores offer gumball vending machines.

Pet Product Vending Machines

These vending machines dispense products for your pets. Some pet product vending machines only dispense pet foods, offering a variety of a number of household animals. Other pet vending machines offer toys and supplies.

Trading Card Vending Machines

Trading card vending machines offer sports and cartoon trading cards. These vending machines can be found in arcades and are popular with young children

Disposable Camera Vending Machines

Many theme parks and airports will offer vending machines that dispense camera items. These vending machines can be found stocked with disposable cameras, camera film, and batteries. Some vending machines will even allow you to take digital photos that get printed on sticker paper.

Book and Magazine Vending Machines

The first book vending machine was invented by English publisher Richard Carlisle in the 1880's. Since then, book and magazine vending machines have grown in popularity. Many of these vending machines can be found at public transportation stations. Book vending machines will carry about twelve of the most popular titles, while magazine vending machines will offer a variety of periodicals to customers. Newspaper vending machines are also commonly found on nearly every street.

Flower Bouquet Vending Machines

Flower bouquet vending machines have a unique refrigeration system that allow bouquets to be kept for a period of time. Unlike many traditional vending machines, flower bouquet vending machines dispense bouquets through an access door.

Rain Product Vending Machines

Many metropolitan cities offer vending machines that dispense umbrellas and rain ponchos. These vending machines are a lifesaver for those caught in the rain!

Sticker Vending Machines

Sticker vending machines are commonly found outside grocery stores and toy stores. These vending machines dispense hologram stickers. Sticker vending machines are popular with young children and can oftentimes be found next to toy vending machines.

Toy Vending Machines

Toy vending machines are commonly found next to sticker vending machines outside grocery stores. Toy vending machines dispense costume jewelry, key chains, and figurines. Some of these vending machines will dispense larger toys, such as stuffed animals or action figures. In fact, some toy vending machines are disguised as a game, allowing children to win their toy, oftentimes even giving them the chance to select their toy.

Jukebox Vending Machines

Jukebox vending machines are popular in diners and bars. Although there are still many traditional jukebox vending machines, many jukebox vending machines are powered wirelessly, offering a larger variety of music.


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