Vending Machines Summer Tips

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Vending machine operators must choose selections in fresh food vending machines and cold beverage vending machines to maximize vending machine sales in the summer. Vencoa offers tips on fresh food vending machine products and cold beverage vending machine items to stock.

Vending machine operators struggle to maintain vending machine sales during summer months. machine purchases. However, a successful vending machine operator knows that in order to maximize vending machine sales, they must strategically mix product selections. Vencoa offers tips to maximize vending machine sales during difficult summer months.

1. Hot weather has an affect on appetites and consumer preferences

When the temperature rises, people want their food to be cool, fresh, and light. For instance, no one wants soup from a hot beverage vending machine in the middle of July. However, they would want to buy fresh fruits from a fresh food vending machine. Another trend that gains momentum during the summer is healthy eating. Cold food vending machine operators should offer salads, which are always popular. A light turkey sandwich with lettuce and tomato is more likely to sell in a refrigerated vending machine than a heavy roast beef sandwich. Finally, ice cream vending machines are always successful during the summer. Ice cream novelties and other frozen items are often impulse buys, which is perfect for ice cream vending machine sales.

2. Vending machine consumer confidence must be maintained

With new vending machine technology, consumer confidence is growing in fresh food vending machines and ice cream vending machines. However, vending machine operators must ensure that they regularly stock their fresh food vending machines with new products. Consumers will not want to buy a salad that has been sitting in a refrigerated vending machine for over a week. Candy snack vending machines placed in hot locations should not vend chocolates or pastries because they will melt. However, chocolate and pastries can be sold in refrigerated vending machines. Be wary: once consumer confidence is lowered, fresh food vending machine operators will face difficulties in gaining the customer’s trust again.

3. Summer months increase cold beverage vending machine sales

July and August are big months for sales in cold beverage vending machines. As health concerns continue to rise, traditional high sugar sodas decrease in cold beverage vending machine sales. However, diet sodas, energy and sports drinks sold in cold beverage vending machines continue to gain popularity. Similarly, there is an increased demand for milk in cold beverage vending machines. Cold beverage vending machine operators have also found that consumers are more willing to pay higher prices for premium smoothie products that contain health benefits like vitamins and antioxidants. Finally, bottled water steadily increases in cold beverage vending machine sales. Annual bottled water sales in vending machines have increased by over 7 gallons since 2001.

4. There are reliable vending machine items

While ice cream vending machine sales may be seasonal, and healthy fresh food vending machines sales can be a fad, there are certain vending machine staples. Bagged chips, cookies, and crackers maintain constant sales in candy snack vending machines. Vending machine sales of these items are not affected by seasonal fluctuations or time. Also, their shelf life in comparison to fresh food vending machine options is an advantage to vending machine operators.

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