Soft Drink & Soda Vending Machines

USI CB300 Stand Alone Bottle and Can Cold Drink Vendor

This compact machine vends six selections of soft drinks or fruit juice in 12-oz cans and/or 20-oz bottles and has a total capacity of 144 bottles or 312 cans (or a combination of the two). You may price each selection individually. This vending machine measures 68 inches high by 21 inches wide by 33.5 inches deep. The CB 300 with $1/$5 bill acceptor.

The price includes freight and delivery. Financing is available with no down payment and 36 monthly payments of $90.46 each. Payments begin thirty days after delivery.

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Height: 68" (172.72 cm - 4" legs opt.)        
21" (53.34 cm)        
33.5" (85 cm)  
381 lbs (176 kgs)
115 VAC, 6.0 amps
(230 VAC, 4.5 amps)
6 Items 

12 Oz. (355 ml) can 312
20 Oz. (0.592 liter) bottle 144
(Depending on diameter)
Individual $0 to $999.95 

Multiprice Coin Mechanism,
Dollar Bill Acceptor
Super 1/3 HP (230 VAC)
Super 1/3 HP )115 VAC)
R134A Refrigerant
Closed System

Features: 144 bottles, 312 cans or a combination of both, easy to load, illuminated display space saver.

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