Ancient Vending Machines

Are vending machines a modern-day creation? Most people think vending machines are a modern-day technology that evolved from the Industrial Revolution. However, it turns out that vending machines are ancient creations dating back thousands of years.

Obviously, the technological advances made on vending machines in recent years have made the vending industry more profitable and effective. However, at one time, a simple stone was enough to trigger these vending machines to dispense anything from fruit juice to cotton candy. Without the luxury of electricity, these ancient vending machines were run on natural forms of energy, such as solar or wind-powered energy.

The ingenious invention of vending machines proves that even in ancient times, people were looking for ways to make life more convenient without the use of manpower. Until recently, most historians didn't speak of the importance of vending machines in history. However, recent archeological evidence has proven that these ancient creations required little manpower and dispensed a certain product and were, in fact, the first vending machines.

These ancient vending machines eventually led to trade between different countries and regions, expanding not only product availability, but also customs and traditions. Additionally, these ancient vending machines have inspired the development and creation of the various vending machines we have today.


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