First Cotton Candy Vending Machine

The first candy vending machine was invented by the ancient Egyptians. Known for their luxurious cotton, the Egyptians discovered that the fibers of the cotton could retain liquids. Initially using sweet wines, the Egyptians would keep wine-soaked cotton balls in containers.

These cotton balls could be saved and the sweet wine could be sucked out of them. Inspired by the Hausa and the Moors, the Egyptians created a similar valve-release vending machine. By inserting a stone into the vending machine, a valve would open up and release one wine-soaked cotton ball. The Egyptians eventually progressed to making and dispensing sugar water soaked cotton balls, thus creating the first cotton candy vending machine.

The technique of soaking cotton balls in liquid and sucking its contents became so popular, that it was used to dispense medicine. Soaking cotton balls in herbal medicinal solutions were an easier way to distribute medicine. Thinking they were candies, it was also easier to administer medication to young children. The Egyptians' cotton candy vending machine not only inspired the creation of candy/snack machines, but the creation of the ever-popular carnival delight, cotton candy.

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