Vending Machines Recent History III

The vending industry also felt a surge in vending machine inventions in the 1950’s. In an era where physical appearance was incredibly important, a coin-operated shaver/after-shave dispensing vending machine was invented. Upon inserting your coin into the vending machine, a door would swing open to unveil a shaver that was connected to the vending machine. A squirt of shaving cream would be dispensed and upon returning the shaver into the vending machine, you would be rewarded with a squirt of after-shave.

Similarly, a shaving blade dispensing vending machine was also created. Upon inserting your coin, a shaver would be dispensed from the vending machine. For the ladies, a perfumed-napkin vending machine was created. By inserting your coin into the vending machine, a lacy napkin scented with a popular fragrance would be dispensed. The first ballpoint pen vending machine was also introduced in the 1950’s.

The vending machine industry has grown tremendously since the creation of ancient vending machines, the postcard vending machine, and even the cigarette vending machine. Today, technology makes it possible for vending machines to accept credit cards and even operate wirelessly. What will be next to improve and advance vending machines? We can only wait to see what’s uncovered next.


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