2004 Vending Industry Trends

There is no more authoritative source of vending industry trends than the annual Vending Times Census Of The Industry. Since 1947, Vending Times has tracked merchandise vending. Results for the 2005 Census were compiled by analyzing the results of sales data from 6,000 vending operators across the entire United States. Vending Times is published monthly and is available by subscription by calling (212) 302-4700 or visiting www.vendingtimes.com. Vencoa management gratefully acknowledges the permission of Vending Times to summarize the important census data that follows.

2004 Vending Year in Review

In 2004, the vending industry had to meet the challenges of a more health-conscious public. Concerns about obesity and caloric intake fueled many changes in the vending industry like glassfront vending machines stocked with low-fat milk beverages. Additionally, the dairy industry’s aggressive advertising campaign boosted sales of milk over soda vending machines. Specialty health-food items also found a new niche in vending machines. Premium cold beverages, which sold for a higher price, found increased sales among their loyal buyers.

Buyers responded well to vending machines with premium cold beverages that had a promised benefit of boosting energy and stamina or improving physical performance. Consumers continued to demand and purchase quality coffee from vending machines, which bolstered hot drink sales. The demand for frozen food items increased and helped to drive up the sale of vending machine ice cream when the two were sold in conjunction. In summary, the 2005 Census reported the following:

Milk, up 25.6% in dollar volume
Vended Foods (all kinds), up 2.1% in dollar volume
Ice Cream, up 4.2% in dollar volume
Hot Drinks, up 3.5% in dollar volume
Packaged Cold Beverages, up 7.3% in dollar volume
Snacks, Confections, and Pastry, up 3.5% in dollar volume

2004 Vended Product Volume

The total dollar volume spent in vending machines nationwide continued a ten-year pattern of increases. In 1994, the total vended dollar volume was $29,284,100,000. In 2004, the total vended dollar volume reached $44,190,409,000.

The vending product categories accounting for this total volume increase in 2004 is as follows:

Packaged Cold Beverages
(soft drinks, juice, water, tea, energy, isotonic drinks in cans and bottles)

Cold Drinks
(cup drop vend)

Hot Drinks

Snacks, Confections, Pastry
(single serve candy, snack, and pastry sold through non-refrigerated vending machines)

Vended Foods
(refrigerated, frozen, can/bowl pack, and other meal items)

Ice Cream
Bulk Vending
All Other












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