Bottled Water Vending Machine Trends

In recent years, bottled water vending machine sales have seen rapid growth. New bottled water vending machine products seen as vending machine drink alternatives have captured a new vending machine industry market. Vencoa offers soda vending machines that can accommodate bottled water.

In recent years, bottled water vending machine sales have seen tremendous gains in the soda vending machine market. The increase in bottled water vending machine sales is driven by several factors. First, concerns regarding the safety of municipal water supplies have increased consumer demand for bottled water vending machine products. Second, soda vending machine consumer perceptions suggest that pure water is a satisfying and healthful soda vending machine choice. And finally, bottled water vending machine sales have increased due to smart marketing which targets a young and growing consumer base that is willing to pay a premium price for water whereas, in the past, older market groups expected to get water for free or at minimal cost.

Recent studies have shown that U.S. residents drink more bottled water annually than any other vending machine beverage except for soda. Soda vending machine sales are more than twice that of bottled water vending machine sales. However, the soda vending machine market has seen only small gains in the past few years as compared to the rapid growth of the bottled water vending machine market.

Bottled water vending machine sales will see further vending machine industry gains with the development and sales of new water vending machine products. Flavored and carbonated water beverages can now be found in soda vending machines. Also, water enhanced with vitamins, minerals, exotic vegetable extracts, and other “functional” ingredients have revitalized the bottled water market. These new bottled water vending machine products can be sold in soda vending machines at higher prices due to their perceived health and wellness benefits. Furthermore, they have helped to expand the soda vending machine industry in terms of alternative soda vending machine offerings.

Many vending machine operators have found that bulk bottled water and purified water vending machine services have a considerable market overlap with other drink vending machine services. Most notably, coffee vending machine sales go hand in hand with high quality water vending machines. Small, upscale markets are demanding that vending machine operators provide better quality water to improve coffee vending machine products. Since coffee is 98% water, coffee vending machine operators have found a demand for on site water treatment and point of use water vending machine systems. In fact, hot beverage vending machines have long been equipped with sophisticated water treatment systems. Therefore, new coffee vending machines have a very attractive feature for vending machine operators to capitalize on.

Vencoa offers a great selection of soda vending machines that can accommodate your bottled water vending machine needs.

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