The Easy Way To Raise Profits

In order to stay afloat in today’s competitive world, vending machine operators must find ways to increase market share. In the vending machine industry, you can either add more locations and vending machines or you can increase sales at current locations. The latter option will be discussed here since it is the easiest and cheapest way for vending machine operators to bolster their profits.

Improving sales at current locations incurs minimal costs, so any additional revenue is pure profit. No new equipment needs to be purchased and no new personnel needs to be hired in order to increase vending machine sales. Additionally, route schedules aren’t affected so no new vehicles are required. The additional service time is negligible and thus the only cost would be the price of the new vending machine items sold and the commissions paid to proprietors and drivers.

So how do vending machine operators sell more at their current locations?

Product selection! Since vending machines and warehouses have limited amounts of space, the right items must be offered. Most vending machine operators give their drivers the task of choosing products since they are the ones stocking the vending machines. However, drivers lack product selection training and often choose items without much attention to product trends. Here are some tips to help any vending machine operator more effectively select products.

1. Follow real-world trends. These trends should dictate which snack items any vending machine should offer. By responding to consumer choices, a vending machine operator can minimize warehouse space and increase sales.

2. Think like a consumer. Instead of categorizing items based on size and price, items should be defined by texture and taste. Differentiating among different types of salty snacks in a candy snack machine will elucidate product variety and help in product rotation.

3. Brand new is nice. New products keep customers interested and usually experience a higher than normal level of sales. Once the “new appeal” of a product fades, vending machine operators should watch the product to determine whether or not it deserves shelf space.

4. Be trendy. Even though consumer trends may be temporary, vending machine operators should seize these opportunities to attract customers. Health seems to be a trend that has not faded. Vending machines should offer options for those seeking low carb, low fat, whole oat, high calcium options. Also, most consumers will be willing to pay a higher price for products with purported health benefits.

5. Don’t be a Scrooge. Items should be selected based on demand, not on price. Additionally, size is not the only measure of product price. Today’s consumer is willing to pay a higher price for quality premium confections from a candy snack machine, so vending machine operators should supply these items.

6. Ride the ad wave. By aligning products with what suppliers are advertising, vending machine operators will benefit from the work of others. For instance, if a certain type of a soda company is launching a campaign for their diet soda, vending machine operators should make the product available in their soft drink vending machines.

The key to improving profits with little overhead is simple: increase sales where you can. Every snack or candy in a candy snack vending machine, every drink in a soft drink vending machine, and every food item in a frozen food vending machine must deserve its shelf space

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